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Computer Vision
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Problems we solve

We extended our NS Envision™ IIoT platform to integrate computer vision capability for workplace safety, recognize objects in given images, count products on a factory floor or position robots based on visual feedback.

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Images Provide Rich Insights

A single image can capture conditions of different asset classes and their respective attributes

provide rich insights
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Collecting Image-Based Telemetry Data Is Relatively Efficient

Using precise Computer Vision Architecture, the cameras can become more intelligent (sense more things, conditions, and events). Cameras can track worker safety (HSE check, did they fall? Are they injured?)

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Areca nut classification System

classification system


NS Envision™ offer answers for object detection in a given image. Objects are identified and exactly located within the image with the help of NS Envision™. Detection, for the classification of all the recognized objects, also specify the location information.


Object recognition identifies an object in an image and returns a list of classes. For a given image, which object can you identify?

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Use Case

Safety Compliance: Nowadays, there is a lack of visibility whether workers safely use the heavy assets or if workers are wearing their safety gear. Using Computer Vision Technology, we can track people and equipment at places such as construction sites, and by integrating them with compliance systems, organizations can make their workplaces safer.

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Video Analytics: Real-time tracking for overcrowding, the popularity of particular locations, or traffic behavior. Computer Vision would provide valuable real-time data to analyze (which was not possible previously) to collectable information in verticals such as retail, security, and conferences.