swati priya
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Swati Priya

Managing Director
Professional experience: 8 Years of industry experience
Qualification: Business management in HR from Symbiosis
Volunteer service: Volunteered Management in the education industry earlier
Board membership: In the board member of NSP
Other holdings: Executive Director of Narayan Solutions
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As an Entrepreneur

It started with a childhood dream of making her footprint on the world and adding vibrant colors to world Canvas. She thrives on making this organization one of the best workplaces in all possible human manner and would add colors to the company canvas by infusing multicultural aspects into it.

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As philanthropist

Believes in Equality and do not discriminate under gender, culture, age, race, religion or anything else.
Volunteer in social services. Believes that Plantation is one way to make your environment clean & beautiful.

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Good at:

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